A Modern Animal Encyclopedia

Get a creature profile emailed daily and an AR postcard every other week.

Every day you’ll receive a animal profile with stunning pictures, 3 fun facts and a joke/riddle. Each one links to the Zoptiks platform and in a year you’ll have an entire animal encyclopedia in your inbox.

The Animal Book for a Digital Generation​

All our ZARK Members get first picks of deals and discounts that our zoos from around the world provide. That could mean anything from coupons on tickets to pet supplies and exclusive events.

Augemented Reality Postcards

Sometimes digital just doesn’t cut it. Get two stunning AR animal postcards delivered every month so you or a loved one can hold wildlife in your hand and project it into your room with augmented reality via a smart device.*

Imagine getting 24 educational toys every year!

Plans start at 10 cents a day for our digital version (36.50 /year)