Drone Mapping

Is it a bird, it it a plane? Nope, just a drone. At Zoptiks we work extensively with drones to map plots of land and create 3D models of areas.

Drones are democratizing access to imagery and remote-sensing data, enabling government and commercial organizations to deploy and collect highly accurate drone data for a wide range of uses. These applications provide insights that improve business and policy decision-making.

Better data, better decisions

Imagery from drones is becoming a broadly adopted source of remote-sensing data. Drone imagery provides a high-resolution, low-cost, highly repeatable source of data for mapping and operational workflows.

Streamlined workflows

Turn drone-collected data into authoritative images and 3D models to help you see patterns, risks, and changes. Enhanced processing capabilities provide insights to help you enhance staff decision-making and optimize operations. Share data across your organization with open access to portals and web apps that interact with drone flight maps.

Technology that scales as your project grows

Expand the capability of your system on-demand as you grow your drone program. Increase capacity and performance, create operational efficiencies, perform larger analytic tasks, and enhance collaboration among key stakeholders.

We use state of the art drones produced by DJI and Parrot to conduct our missions. Contact us to get started!