Let us do the heavy lifting

Just shoot us your organizations name and website and we'll do 90% of the work for you. Just double check what we produce and we're good to go!

Onboarding Process

01. Submit Your Organization

Let us know you're interested! Most likely we already have a profile on you.

06. Go Live + QR Codes get Shipped

Hit that launch button and we're ready to go! Watch those visitors stroll in, track progress through analytics, manage everything from your dashboard and join the ZARK community.

05. Review and Verify

Check our work! Of course you can edit all your info yourself but we try to put our best foot foward and deliver qualitiy because this is going to be a long term relationship.

02. Photos, Videos, Content

While we can extract content from your website, if you have any media or text that you'd like to include... shoot it our way! If your're on the enterprise plan we create social banners for you!

03. SmartMapping

Lets get to the good part, your map! Shoot us your map (any type) and we'll work our magic on it. We'll probably have a little back and forth to get this just right for you.

04. Events and Ecommerce

If you have events on Facebook or on your website, we'll import them for you.




No Events
No Smartmap

$100 per month

*billed yearly

Aquariums and Museums
ZARK Group

$250 per month

*billed yearly

For Zoos
Best Mobile Experiance
Points of Interest

Go Live in 2 Weeks with DFY Onboarding, Just Check Our Work



*onetime cost

The bread and butter plan, great for most zoos



*onetime cost

For the eagles of the zoo world. Fly high and dive into the digital age.

Lifetime Deal!

First 50 zoos.

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All Features Forever

Dedicated Onboarding

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