Bring More Visitors to Your Zoo

Zoptiks is one app, for all the zoos in the world.

User visits Zoptiks to learn about animals, dinosuars, habitats or other resources.

They click on 'Find a Zoo' to explore wildlife around them.

Your Zoo shows up as an option, with information, tickets,digital zoo maps and more!

Make that ticket sale and retain that visitor digitally.

An Environmentally Friendly Move

GoodBye Paper!

Hello SmartMap!

Create a better visitor experaince by providing points of interest and your zoo map at the tip of your visitors fingers. Save money and become environmentally concious by reducing paper map usage.

Our Outreach Is Your Outreach

As we create content, advertise and foster the zoological community to people around the world, we are marketing you (and all the other zoos) as well!

Our goal is to spread wildlife awareness, same as yours!

Sell More Tickets

Everything from business hours and your organizations rules to sponsored showcases. Enable users to message you, leave reviews and stay in touch with the latest events.

Each exhibit,shop, show and attraction gets its own page!

  • Sell Tickets
  • SmartMaps
  • Share Events
  • Photos and Videos
  • Blog Posts

"A Website + Mobile App Just for Zoos"

Consistent Animal Information Across All Zoos

Fresh Content

Say goodbye to stale animal content, Zoopedia aims to be the go to resource for animal information. Curated with animations, photography and zoologist backed information. We make it easy for you to link species to your exhibits.

Adapt To The Digital Age

DFY Onboarding

Your Listing, Done for You

Submit Your Website as a content source

We create your maps, events and points of interests.

Review our work, request changes, add more content.

Go Live in two weeks!




No Events
No Smartmap

$100 per month

*billed yearly

Aquariums and Museums
ZARK Group

$250 per month

*billed yearly

For Zoos
Best Mobile Experiance
Points of Interest

Go Live in 2 Weeks with DFY Onboarding, Just Check Our Work



*onetime cost

The bread and butter plan, great for most zoos



*onetime cost

For the eagles of the zoo world. Fly high and dive into the digital age.

Lifetime Deal!

First 50 zoos.

Help Zoptiks get started

All Features Forever

Dedicated Onboarding

Priority Feature Requests

ZooKit Discount

Social Media Shoutout

Mentor a ZooTech company


Maintain your information, no IT required
Interactive Digital Zoo Maps
Integrate with Zoopedia for content.
Target integrated users
2 plans, $1200 or $3000 per YEAR.
Easy E-Commerce and Events promotion
Deep SEO boost with pages for every exhibit, shop and attraction
Join and foster ZARK a zoological community
Free Updates! If one zoo gets it... all zoos get it.
Analytics catered towards zoos
Reviews and ratings on one platform
We are a ZooTech company, help us grow to bring better tech to wildlife everywhere.

Your Own Custom App

Expensive custom development and server maintenance
Continous content and material generation
Tackle user acquisitiona and retention yourself.
Android and iOS fees + app maintenance
No Web marketing or SEO boost.
Subpar analytics on vauge boundries
New Features? More money, time and effort.
3-6 month onboarding cycle
You are your own support
3x - 6x more expensive
When it comes down to it, we are going to be The Modern Animal Encyclopedia, where children and adults come to learn about wildlife. Zoos on Zoptiks get an edge because we actively try to convert our users into zoo visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the value of joining Zoptiks?

Creating an app with all the features you get with Zoptiks will cost you ~$50,000 and then ~$10,000 a year to maintain. We provide this service to you at $3000 per year and drive people actively intrested in wildife to your zoo. That means more sales and a better visitor experiance for your customers.

Why is this better than just building my own mobile app or website?

You can! Although you can use Zoptiks as your main website, we recommend you have yoru own website. Building and maintaining mobile apps is hard, better yet getting people to use it is harder we provide zoos all the features they might need from a app affordably (and drive visitors to them).

Think of Zoptiks as a trial run, if your visitors like the enhanced experiance, then maybe its worth it for your organization to invest in a custom mobile app.

Why can't I just host an image of my ZooMap on my website?

Most zoos do this already and it is perfectly fine, but its 2020 and mobile is the way to go. SmartMaps aren't the only thing we provide, we improve your entire digital prescence at a deep level.

What is ZARK?

ZARK is a zoological community and forum. Each zoo has their own groupu to publish content to, answer questions, and generally reach out to their community to gain feedback. It is also a place for zoologists to post their research and for zoos around the world to keep in touch. We also have Facebook and Linkedin groups, to nuture the zoological world.

How does Zoptiks bring me more visitors? 

1) Kids find Zoptiks for Zoopedia through our social channels, mobile app and mobile app.

2) During our tests, the kids are very interested in the animals and naturally tap 'Find a Zoo Near Me'

3) Kids explore the zoo near them and see the pictures

4) Kids show their parents about the zoo and bug them to go to the zoos.

5) Zoptiks makes buying tickets, planning and visiting the zoo easy!

How much commission does Zoptiks charge per zoo ticket?

We charge 10% commission on any products sold through Zoptiks, this covers any payment processing fees and lets us grow as a business so we can provide a better service to you. We actively invest in the latest technology to serve our customers.

What's your Refund policy?

If you aren't happy with the service, we offer a 14 day refund. We will try everything in our power to retain you as a customer but we understand Zoptiks may not be for everyone. Your zoo will automatically be downgraded to the free plan.

How does billing work?

We bill yearly for our core service and invoice as needed for extra services. Your billing dashboard can be found at or just reach out to support.

What if I don't see results from Zoptiks?

As a startup we are just starting to push out content to drive our outreach efforts, but cannot promise and increase in visitors. At our core, we provide you with a digital profile, interactive zoo map and more as our products. Think of the extra visitors as a dessert and the mobile experiance as the meal.

How does the lifetime deal work?

Pay Once, Help Zoptiks get started and we provide our core service to you as long as the company exists. As a founding zoo you'll be helping us bring a better service to you and will always be at the top of our priority list. Invest in us and we will pay you back in dividents. Lifetime Deal members help us shape and get a discount on ZooKit - an autonomous drone software built just for zoos.

How much maintenance does this take?

We take care of everything to get started, but once we go live, it is your responsibility to add new exhibits, events and any other changes to your organization. Zoptiks is a customer first company, so just reach out to support and we'll get you taken care of.

What are your onboarding costs?

Onboarding is $1500 for our enterprise plan. All other plans get free onboarding. Even lifetime deals!

What is a SmartMap?

A SmartMap is your bread and butter mobile map, overlayed with your zoo's map. Typically this will have barebones points of interest, congestion analytics and street view integration.

What kind of analytics can I see? 

We provide analytics on views, shares, favorites and review ratings.

Do I need to worry about the hosting or technical side? 

Nope! All done for you.

Are you chill to work with?

As of March 2020, Hari is going to be you're main point of contact. (In fact I pretty much made everything) I like to think that I'm respectful, understanding and energetic. As a customer that is helping me get Zoptiks up and running working with you will always be my priority. I will be availible at pretty much all times.

Why haven't I head of Zoptiks before?

Zoptiks is a startup that was founded in 2017, it took us a while to create our platform (this is version 4!) We'll also be doing a lot of outreach, fundraising and social media marketing. We plan to work with zoos for the next 10 years.

How do I drive people to my food and concessions? 

Points of Interests, Ad Banners, and Food Menus. People are naturally attracted to food, just let them know that its nearby and they'll come for it :).

What are the QR code stickers?

What are the different levels of promotion?

Zoptiks has an internal promotion systems ranks Chatter plan customers higher than Mapper or Free plan cusotmers. This helps more people see your zoo first.

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